Prayer Shawl Ministry

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Mission statement:

Our mission is to knit or crochet items, “a hug from God,” to be given to those who need it most.

Who could use a hug from God?

*Elderly widower down the street. His wife of 30 or 40 or 50 years is gone and he can’t get around much. He doesn’t get much company.

*The nursing home resident who has no local family; who rarely has visitors.

*Someone preparing for or recovering from surgery .

*The young woman who just miscarried.

*Someone out of work and worried about providing for the family.

*Someone with a chronic illness.

*Someone battling addiction or fighting cancer.


Prayer shawls have been made for centuries. They are universal and embracing:

They comfort and enfold,

Wrap and warm,

Mother and hug,

Shelter and embrace.

Those who make and receive shawls are blessed.

The making of a prayer shawl is a spiritual practice which embodies our thoughts and prayers for the receiver. It is a gift freely given with no strings attached.

These shawls are to be given away UNCONDITIONALLY and NOT to be sold for profit; however donations – monetary or yarn – will be greatly appreciated.

If you thought knitting and crocheting was for “little old ladies,” consider this: Research at the Harvard Medical School Mind/Body Institute has found that when an individual is knitting or crocheting, her heart rate can drop 11 beats/minute and her blood pressure drops as well. This ancient art benefits ones emotional and physical health by reducing stress in trying to manage the severity of chronic illness…and those of us who lead very hectic lifestyles…it is offered in many family cancer support centers to help with the emotional upheaval of dealing with cancer. Grade schools from Oregon to New Jersey have incorporated knitting and crocheting into their curriculum, not only for the health benefits, but to help build creativity and improve math skills


All ages and skill levels accepted. We will provide training to willing novices.

Weekly Meetings: Thursdays, 10:30-12:00

Red School building, couch room

Other options:

Attend meetings as often as you like.

Work at home

Drop off completed projects/pick up supplies as necessary.


When a quantity of prayer shawls is completed, they will be taken to Mass; Father will bless them. They may be taken by anyone who has a need or knows someone who has a need. We will ask anyone taking a prayer shawl to put the intended recipient’s name in our book. We will then pray over those names at our meetings.

For further information, call Connie Kurtz at 646-1354